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Why Did They Want to Kill Him?
10:30 AM10:30

Why Did They Want to Kill Him?

It was a joyous occasion. A beautiful sunny day. People were shouting and waving palm branches. Children were overcome with joy as their parents and other adults left their work and responsibilities to join in the festive atmosphere. Dust was in the air from so many feet. Some heard others, and took up the chant welcoming a victor, and new king: Hosanna!

He came. Riding on a donkey. The symbol of a peaceful victor. Not one to be feared, but one in whom our fears were relieved. Fear of a foreign oppressor dispelled in the hope placed in him: He will free us from soldiers, from taxation, from occupation. He will liberate us. We’ll have our own good king again. Not the half-breed kings, lackeys of the Romans, getting rich off our backs. He’ll set us free.

He rode. He smiled. He enjoyed. It was a gentle smile. It was a mild joy. Like he knew something the crowd didn’t. He saw their hopes, their dreams. He felt their anticipation and desire. They’d been hoping. They’d been waiting. For so long they’d been waiting.

This is a taste, a teaser, for our Easter sermon series, The Real Stories of Easter:

·         April 14 (Palm Sunday) “Why did the crowd go wild?”

·         April 18 (Good Friday) “Why did they want to kill him?”

·         April 21 (Easter Sunday) “Why is His resurrection a big deal for you?”

Each will be presented as a story, and each is built around a question. This sermon series is both for you, believer, and for your not-yet-believing friends and family, too.

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