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7 Virtues or 7 Vices: Pride & Humility


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7 Virtues or 7 Vices: Pride & Humility

Are virtues and vices still relevant today? It seems we celebrate our vices as virtues now: Greed, even at the expense of others, is celebrated, while donations to charities to help people in need continue to decline. Lust is promoted as its own good, while chastity is ridiculed. And the contrasts go on. So the opening question is indeed apropos: Are virtues and vices still relevant today? 

To seniors working long past retirement age not because they want to, but because they lost everything to a greedy agent or market crash caused by greedy Wall Street "investors," greed is no virtue; they long for those with sacrificial honesty. Men and women suffering from debilitating sexually transmitted diseases or rape see clearly that lust is not a virtue, but a rapacious destroyer of others  and even of our own selves; chastity as a way of life, even not by choice, is their only refuge. And so on the contrasts go. 

The Ancients, be they Greek philosophers or Hebrew saints, lifted voices one and all to acclaim virtues and the dangers of indulging the vices. Join us for this series on the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Cardinal VirtuesChildren's Ministry (ages 3-12) and Nursery provided (and check out our newly refurbished nursery facility, too!).