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Dad ALMIGHTY: The Father Heart of God


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Dad ALMIGHTY: The Father Heart of God

Dad Almighty. I.e. God, our Father.

To many religious worldviews, the above statement is alarming if not outright blasphemous. I've even been asked, "How can you dare call [god] your Father?! How can you dare be so familiar with the Almighty?!"

To others, framing God as "father" isn't very helpful since we all draw on our own experiences with our human fathers. For some - too few it seems - the parallels are good, since they had a good dad. Statistics and personal conversations tell us that for too many, the parallel isn't good at all: To bridge from the experience of their biological progenitor and/or the man who filled the social and familial role of dad doesn't make God as Father look very appealing.

But do our experiences with our earthly dads really tell us about Dad Almighty? Do the behaviours of men tell us what God is really like?

No. They don't.

Oh, yes, I know...God's intention has always been that our earthly dads - and mums - model for us Dad Almighty, but we, of course, fall short in we do in every area of life. We aren't perfect. But He is.

Join us Sundays in June as we explore together Dad Almighty, the Father Heart of God. 

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