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The Power of Godly Mothers, with Rev. Craig Burton


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The Power of Godly Mothers, with Rev. Craig Burton

Who has more power in your life than your Mom? (Besides God, of course) Nobody. Now multiply that by generations: What influence did your grandmother have in your life? Were you blessed to know your great grandmother, too? How did they shape your life?

The life and ministry of Timothy was shaped and influenced by more than his mentor the Apostle Paul, but also by a godly mother and grandmother. It was their faith and righteousness that set Timothy on God's path.  What can we learn from their lives and influence?

We're honoured to have Pastor Craig Burton, our District Superintendent, coming to share from his life, other stories, and - most of all - the Scriptures to demonstrate the power of godly mothers.

We seek to honour all moms every day, and on this special day we do so especially. Come and lets celebrate our moms together!