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Zombies, Possession and Real Spiritual Power, part 2


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Zombies, Possession and Real Spiritual Power, part 2

Last week the walking dead didn't get us. Will those possessed get us this week?

The 1973 movie The Exorcist continues with cult classic status. So does Carrie (1976); it was so popular that it was remade and released again in 2013.  New movies are coming out all the time. TV shows, too: Grimm, Supernatural, and too many to mention.

It seems there are demonic creatures masquerading all around us as normal people, and normal people all around us possessed by demonic creatures. If you believe the movies and TV, that is. And, as with zombies, people attempt all kinds of things to overcome, and in the end resort to violence. The usual climax - despite great loss of lives along the way - shows the hero surviving just by the skin of their teeth, or some random, often arcane, circumstance defeats the spiritual threat.

Despite the foundations of Enlightenment philosophy underpinning much of modern culture, it seems we're still quite devoted to the idea of a spirit world. And, judging by what we portray in media, that spirit world is not a friendly place.

Have you ever encountered someone truly demonized? Have you ever had to exorcise someone? Does even thinking about this keep you up at night? Are demonic forces harassing, oppressing or even dominating your life?

What kind of power is really needed to overcome demonic forces which threaten your life? Is there a greater power? A benevolent power? How do we engage this power to protect us from spiritual evil? Join us in this journey of liberating and overcoming discovery, Sunday, May 22.