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Jesus Among Other Gods: Is God the Source of Both Good and Evil?


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Jesus Among Other Gods: Is God the Source of Both Good and Evil?

Have you ever asked the question above, or perhaps one related to these?

  • If God is good, why evil?
  • If God is good, why does He allow violent crime (especially against the innocent) and natural disasters?
  • If God created all things, doesn't that mean He created evil, too?

Our world is awash in such questions today. At one time people only whispered such thoughts in private. Now many boldly proclaim them and even write entire vitriolic books expounding on the theme.

Do these small, niggling doubts begin working their way into your heart and thinking? Are they true: If true, how does that challenge our belief in God and His Word? If false, how do we refute these insidious things? And, where does this idea come from anyway?

Together this Sunday we explore this common meme and see how it stands up to the Light of the Word of God. Join us at 10:30.

And, here's a 'double-bonus': It's the first Sunday of the month, so we celebrate communion, too!

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