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Turn Up The Volume! Idolatry & Theology: What Are We Worshiping?


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Turn Up The Volume! Idolatry & Theology: What Are We Worshiping?

Exciting faith adventures still await you and I on a daily basis. Following Jesus is always like that. He's not routine in any way, but always venturing out into new social situations. If we're following Him, we'll be led into those situations with Him. And that means being His witness among people who either don't know or often have mistaken ideas about Jesus.

He has called us to be "his witnesses." We don't convert anyone. That's the Holy Spirit's job. But we are commissioned as, empowered to and called upon to be his advocates, bearing witness in words and well as deeds.  Too often our natural reaction to a hostile world is to curb our message, reducing our volume. Fear and insecurity cause us to turn down the dial. Yet these don't bring glory to Jesus.

So how do we be faithful witnesses to Him in the midst of a culture which seems increasingly hostile to His message? That's what this series is all about! Join us on this faith journey as we look at idolatry & theology and ask the question, "What are we worshiping?" Let's "turn up the volume" of our witness and see what God does!


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