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Jesus Among Other Gods: Are the Holy Scriptures God?


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Jesus Among Other Gods: Are the Holy Scriptures God?

A couple years ago a pastor of a small church in Florida threatened to burn a Qur'an - the holy book of Islam - and gained worldwide notoriety. Occasionally this event - the purposeful or more usually accidental burning of a Qur'an or some sheets of paper with Qur'anic writing on them - flares up in one country or another. Why do Muslims get so upset?

Muslims are not the only religious group to treat their holy scriptures as being the literal embodiment or representation of the divine, and thereby all disrespectful - whether accidental or purposeful - is seen as an offense against their god. Sikhs consider Guru Granth Sahib, their holy scriptures, to be anointed and embodying their god personally. These beliefs demand an extraordinary attention and devotion to physical objects.

The question before us is this: Are such physical objects then the actual Divine, and are slights against these objects actual slights against the deity?

How then should Christians treat our own "Holy Scriptures," the Bible? Should we not highlight, underline, make notes in them or - heaven forbid! - set them on the floor?! Should we protest when the avant-garde urinate on or burn them in public demonstrations of so-called "artistic expression"? Maybe we should riot in protest, too?

What does God's Word, the Holy Bible, say on such things? Come find out and join the dialogue on Sunday, Dec. 31st.

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