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Extra thoughts on current series and events.

#TheGodQuestions - Is God Real?



Our culture today has tried hard to program us to think there isn’t any real, good, or easy answers to this question. It has, in fact, set up lots of roadblocks along the way, too. Like “prove to me God exists,” or “if I can’t see it, weigh it, feel it, it doesn't exist,” and the like.

But what if we can “see” God? What if we can “prove” God’s existence?

All it takes is faith.

Blasphemy! cry the so-called rationalists of today! Faith is for the weak minded!

Actually we all live by faith every single day. And, of course, like any person seeking to be rational, we need to define our terms, too: What do I mean when I say “faith”?

Faith is belief based on reasoning, facts and prior experience. Faith is acting on what I determine to be the best of probabilities of something being true. Thus, when I take an action, I’m expecting an equal and opposite reaction. I expecting when I do “x” then “y” will result. We all do this, every day.

As Hal Seed puts it, we all use faith on a daily basis:

  • You and I put money in the stock market, with the faith that we won’t lose it all.

  • You and I take a job with a company, in faith that they’ll pay us every couple weeks.

  • You and I got married, believing we’ll live in a committed relationship for a long time.

  • You and I got up this morning having faith there’d be enough air to breathe all day long.

Every day, you and I make faith decisions and faith based actions - decisions and actions based on reasoning, facts and prior experience.

But, as Hal reminds us, that doesn’t mean that we’re expressing faith blindly, or willy-nilly and irrationally:

  • We invest in the stock market after reading a company’s prospectus

  • We accept a job after researching the company and interviewing with the employer

  • We get married after knowing the person for a season, their family and friends, etc.

  • We don’t even think about our faith act of breathing, for there’s always been enough air and we believe there’ll always be enough air (the quality of that air is a different discussion).

In fact, the world and universe is remarkably well ordered. Predictable despite its intricate complexity. It reassures us to daily make faith steps that things will continue in generally well ordered and predictable ways.

How does this relate to believing in God?

Well, that’s the rest of the story we’ll be discussing on Sunday.

I invite you. Join us in the sharing. Join the discussion. Let’s talk. Sunday, April 28 @ 10:30 AM. See you there: 1050 Danforth Avenue, Toronto.

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