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Witnesses to the Resurrection


Extra thoughts on current series and events.

Witnesses to the Resurrection



As I write this, tomorrow is Resurrection Sunday.

“The resurrection is a myth!” “People who believe this are sad fools to be pilloried and pitied!” These are the types of social media postings I was reading just days ago. The post was written from the perspective that the mythology of the resurrection was the common position widely accepted today, and that those who believe it are deluded, simple headed and to be comically ridiculed.

The writer’s opinion and attitude were thick: WE believe in science and evidence, not myth and lore!

Really? Are you quite so sure about that?

The sad comedy, according to evidence and credible testimony, is that this poster’s position on the resurrection is the mythological one: The resurrection of Jesus is widely accepted by the vast majority of serious scholars today, not vice versa. If you’re going to listen to evidence and it’s careful examination, then you’ll want to revise your opinion.

But where is the average believer in Jesus to find evidence to support faith in Him, the Word of God as received in the Bible today, and in His resurrection? This is of critical importance, for Romans 10:9-10 tells us that head and heart-felt belief in the resurrection is essential to life-transforming and saving faith.

More than can be packed into a single sermon - for those are often too dry and dense like some German black breads - this posting will serve for those seeking something deeper on this topic.

Consider the following links:

  • Podcast conversation between apologist Frank Turek and Gary Habermas, one of the leading researchers of this historical veracity of the resurrection.

  • You can even take a basic or advanced online course from Gary Habermas

  • As I’ll credit in tomorrow’s sermon, here’s the link to the RZIM podcast Ask Away with Vince and Jo Vitale and host Michael Davis Easter and the Resurrection

  • If you enjoy video presentations, here’s a short defence of the resurrection from Andy Bannister when he was with RZIM and now serves with Solas Centre for Public Christianity

  • And here’s a video of Ravi Zacharias’ one hour presentation on this topic.

These will be more than enough to satisfy passing and serious interest, and get you moving for yourself and with your friends in conversation about the resurrection of Jesus.


Header image: Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash