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How Six Spiritual Laws Can Help You Grow!


Extra thoughts on current series and events.

How Six Spiritual Laws Can Help You Grow!

Pastor Charles


Do you like laws?

Often people rail against laws, rules, boundaries and restrictions today. But the truth is we need them.

The cry of #MeToo movement and so many others are actually cries FOR laws, rules, boundaries and restrictions. Abuses happen because people aren’t honouring social, moral and judicial laws.

Physical laws benefit us, too. If we didn’t understand and work within - even pushing the boundaries of - the laws of physics, we wouldn’t be able to fly, use our cell phones, or even read this on the internet.

There are spiritual laws, too, which benefit us. The analogies between agriculture and spiritual growth are many as well: The more we follow the laws of good farming, we get better harvests, less disease, pests and health in general for us as we consume beautiful produce. Likewise for spiritual laws: The more we follow them, the more we are healthy, strong, disease free, resistant to pests, etc.

This Sunday we start Breakthrough Prayer!, a series corresponding to 40-days of prayer for us from October 1 through November 9th. To have breakthrough, we need to employ the powerful benefits of spiritual laws to our advantage! So, October 6th, we’re covering the Six Laws of Spiritual Growth from Rick Warren. I say they’re from Rick, as that’s where I got them. But that doesn’t mean they’re “Rick’s rules.” Rather, if they’re true, it’s because God made them true. Rick didn’t discover them for the first time. They’ve been known throughout the ages. But he “discovered” them for himself and shared them, as others have done. And as we’re doing starting Sunday.

So I invite you to join us in this journey of discovery, discipline and breakthrough starting this Sunday @ 10:30 am (coffee/tea at 10!) @DanforthCC.

I pray you break through with God in all your areas of need, too!

HEY ALL! HERE’S THE LINK TO THE SERMON PODCAST! Check it out and LMK what you think. Blessings!