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Praying Daily Scriptural Prayers for God's Kingdom Advance


Extra thoughts on current series and events.

Praying Daily Scriptural Prayers for God's Kingdom Advance



CLICK HERE to download a pdf of this you can print and put into your own Bible ... and share an extra copy with a friend because it prints 2 to a page! 

Prayer is one of, if not the most, essential way we connect with God and His Kingdom. Worship, the Word, fellowship and service are the others. We need all of these, and in proper balance and proportion to each other, for a healthy, growing and well-rounded spiritual life and growth in Christ-likeness.

Yet prayer is the one we’re challenged to be in “without ceasing” (cf. 1 Thessalonians 5:16).  And prayer is at its most powerful when it is selflessly focused on others and the greater good. Let us, then, follow these Scriptural prayers for not only ourselves but also each other at DCC on a daily basis, since God has also given that there is power in agreeing together in prayer! 

Sunday: Matthew 6:9-13  

Prayer for all ministry gatherings today to be anointed to overflowing, evidenced by salvations, healings, deliverances and growth both spiritually in quality and numerically in with people coming into the Kingdom of God at DCC. Follow the format of Lord’s prayer given to the Disciples and to us. 

Monday: John 17

Jesus’ prayer for all believers in this chapter is astounding in its unified focus: That we might be one in Jesus, with the Father, by the Spirit, as the Body of Christ, united in divine love for each other. We are intentionally left by Jesus in the world to be His representatives, and that starts in the quality and quantity of our love within the Body of Christ, evident to all who see our lives. Pray for oneness, unity and love in the Body. 

Tuesday: Ephesians 1:17-19

Here Paul is led of the Spirit to pray and record this prayer for our teaching, benefit and practice: Pray for increasing transformative revelation in each member’s life, following the pattern of this verse. 

Wednesday: Ephesians 3:16-19  

The Spirit’s second recorded prayer through Paul for the Ephesian Church and us is that we’ll be strengthened, rooted and overflowing in Him. Follow this rich pattern of prayer for each member of DCC. 

Thursday: Philippians 1:9-11

As the Spirit led Paul to record his prayer for the Philippians, so too we follow this pattern praying for abounding love and righteousness! May this prayer be answered in all at DCC so that our love in Christ and righteousness be evident to all, drawing people into the Kingdom for His glory. 

Friday: Colossians 1:9-12

Praying for the church in Colossae, Paul is led of the Spirit - and thus we are, too - to pray for transforming knowledge, power and fruitfulness in our lives. Follow this passage and prayer for all at DCC! 

Saturday: Acts 2:46-47 & 16:5

These are not specifically prayers in Scripture, yet we ought to pray the same move of the Spirit to be evident in our lives individually and collectively: That we should continue in fellowship, the Word and worship, so much so that people will be attracted, drawn in, saved and join us in this Kingdom life and journey together! Pray specifically that nothing keeps people from coming to worship together as the Church on Sunday! 

Thank you for praying in faith and believing together in God’s good work among us all!