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Best Apps for Bible Reading?


Extra thoughts on current series and events.

Best Apps for Bible Reading?


Photo: Jenny Smith on Unsplash:

Photo: Jenny Smith on Unsplash:

My wife and I are like many today who pretty much "always" have our cell phones with us since we don't have a landline to the house anymore. And besides, it practically goes without saying that smartphones are our multipurpose interfaces with all things electronic and online. 

And that includes our Bible reading, too. 

I was very pleased to have a fellow DCCer ask what Bible app I used and would recommend. This is perhaps in response to my nearly weekly encouragement that everyone MUST be in the Word daily. Why? Because the "world" is talking to you constantly every day. Thus, the only way to consistently filter, assess, keep or reject what you hear from the world is to be in the Word daily.

Our exegetical study of Colossians took us to 3:15-17 Sunday, including "be rich in the Word." Let's be honest with each other: Getting a single dose of scripture on Sunday isn't enough for your week. Thus the old adage "Seven days without the Word makes one weak." And let's continue being honest: The single verse or two at the top of a page of someone's thoughts in a prepared devotional -- be it Our Daily Bread, Streams in the Desert, Morning and Evening, or some other Christian "great" -- is a paltry daily meal, too.

Am I saying you shouldn't use them? No. I'm saying that shouldn't be the only Word you're in on a daily basis. Rather, be in the Word itself. Your Bible. Not some other booklet or blog. 

Why not? Because that's saying that some man or woman's thoughts are more important than God's thoughts directly. Devotionals written by others are supplements, not the primary. They're appetizers, not the main course. 

For those with electronic reading devices such as smartphones, tablets, a Kindle or some other e-reader, or even your laptop or desktop, there are today many great apps to help you be in the Word. The Share Faith website is maintaining an article listing both iPhone and Android apps with their starter features. Go HERE to view that list, and pick which appeals to you most. 

And, because I've been asked many times, I use Olive Tree's Bible study app on my laptops and smartphones for years. Maybe it will work for you, too, but you do your research and make your own decision.

Once you get into the app you've downloaded and tested (remember, if you don't like it after a day or week of use, try a different one!), be sure to find in the app where you can subscribe to a daily reading plan. Be in the Word daily. You will be blessed, and so will people around you! 

P.S. I like and recommend following some version of a read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year plan. It might take you more than a year, but these give you and me the overarching view of God's plan we need. Look for ones that have you both in the OT and NT daily. Be blessed.