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Imitating Christ at your 35%


Extra thoughts on current series and events.

Imitating Christ at your 35%


"We exist to be and to make fully committed imitators of Jesus in the areas of Danforth and East York." This is our personalization of Jesus' Great Commission to each of us who worship, grow and fellowship together at DCC. He is the Head of the Church, and His commission compels us. His heart compels us. His compassion compels us. His vision compels us. His Spirit and His Word compel us to be and to make other fully committed imitators of Jesus! 

To that end, we work as a ministry team to be better, always growing, imitators of Jesus. And we work to engage, edify and equip all our fellow believers to do the same. 

So how do we grow as disciple-makers? 

We need to imitate the example of Jesus. This is appropriate, for the word "disciple" essentially means imitator.

And that's why I've selected the book, video and interactive format on Wednesday PMs following Dr. Robert Coleman in his classic and best-selling The Master Plan of Salvation. 

We will necessarily also follow up with other training formats and materials, too, for more specialized environments, too. Here's one: 

The average person spends 35% of their working years at work. 

Given that the average person spends up to 33% sleeping, during our productive working years, that means we spend the majority of our time engaging with other people in our workplaces. 

To help you specifically with that environment, here are a couple resources from the Theology of Work Project, a ministry blog that I subscribe to. The following are shared from their blog, for you to access these resources: 


Soul Purpose: Making a Difference in Life & Work


Grounded in God’s call to us in Scripture, this book will help you explore God’s purposes for your life’s work. Soul Purpose includes a workbook that will help you unpack and tell your unique story. You’ll look at your personality, knowledge, talents, skills, spiritual gifts, and finally, your values, desires and passions. Read Soul Purpose for free.


This book is all about making decisions that are consistent with our Christian faith – especially in the workplace. In Just Decisions, a case study will help you look at the three most common approaches among Christians for making moral choices. You will consider how much the Bible provides help in each of these approaches. Then, you’ll explore combining the three to gain a balanced and integrated approach to decision-making. Read Just Decisions for free.