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Extra thoughts on current series and events.

Can We Trust the Bible?


We're continuing in our series What is the Elephant in Your Living Room? and I'm enjoying the process of searching the Scriptures, books, websites and other scholars to help you answer the questions put forward. This week's question deals with defending the veracity - the verifiable truthfulness - of the Bible. 

It has been often stated something like "serious scholars no longer question this historicity of Jesus." Yes, it's accepted as a fact: Jesus did exist! But to your and my friends who probably aren't serious scholars, then we need to review these facts with them. Just to establish this one point, check out these pages: 

  • Wikipedia page titled "Historicity of Jesus," second paragraph. Read together with them as much as each of you like all the references to support this fact. 
  • Here's a great example, too. This one is from an avowed atheist. And still he is defending the historical fact that Jesus existed to other nay-sayers. Hilarious. 
  • This is actually an easy point to address. Just google the question with your friend and look at all the responses from responsible journalism in support of it (while also noting that there will always be irresponsible nay-sayers...but do they really want to be like them?!). 

Once we've established that Jesus is indeed historically proven, then let's see how that fact coincides with what the Scriptures say about Jesus. And even more, how mathematically ... well, either impossible or miraculous ... him fulfilling all of these (or even just a few) staggers the mind. And remember: We're using science, mathematics and historically verified documents to demonstrate that faith in the person of Jesus actually isn't "crazy" at all, but quite rational. 

To do this, however, will take more space than I usually contain in a single blog posting. So, I'm sharing HERE a document from a website (the source link is inside this document, and I give all the credit to them for compiling it). WARNING: It's 18 pages long! Most of that, however, is a list of Scriptures where you'll find the 365 prophecies and passages about Jesus. The preface to that list, however, is the mathematical examples of how miraculously impossible it is that one person fulfils all of them. May you enjoy reading this article, searching the original source website, and the Scriptures about Jesus. With this, may Jesus be lifted up in your eyes and the eyes of your questioning friends. Why? Because, when He is lifted up, He draws people to Himself. And that's just what we want with our friends, too. 

In addition to the above, let me also refer you to the excellent and highly accessible ministry website called Answers in Genesis. They have a series of pages about seven compelling evidences that the Bible is true. Excellent stuff to bless you and your inquiring friends! 

And one more addition! Dr. Timothy McGrew is a Christian theologian, historian and apologist. In a recent conference he shared the incidental details of 8 different passages and how they speak to the veracity of the Gospels due to the knowledge of the authors. The video is about one hour long, so settle in for a good listen and take good notes!