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Extra thoughts on current series and events.

Our Latest Sexual Revolution vs. the Holy Spirit


Are we entering a new sexual revolution? Or are we now realizing the downsides of the last sexual revolution? And how do we as Christians act and react in the middle of all this? 

It'd be easy to try and ignore it all. But then, we'd be irrelevant to the world we live in. And the Spirit never calls us to be irrelevant, but by His presence and power in our lives to be supremely relevant to people around us. 

Greater minds than mine have been gifted of God to speak to us about these things. Sometimes my role is to find and share their counsel with you, which is what I do with this blog posting and referrals to two resources: 

We need the Spirit of God. And we need more of Him, too. That's our only hope of overcoming in this life. He's our hope of restoration and renewal. He is the answer we need. 

  • Are you convinced of this? Or are you frustrated or even jaded by such comments? Dr. Peter K. Gabriel is a theologian, professor and published author. And again, before you "turn off" or turn away thinking this will be too dry, deep or boring, I invite you to read his blog posting Why do PENTECOSTALS care so much about SPIRIT BAPTISM?

Combined, these two blog postings will serve as rich resources speaking life-giving truth to your soul, as they have to mine. 

May the Lord meet you and bless you on your way this day.