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Extra thoughts on current series and events.

Meat and Potatoes


I know it's not just guys, because my wife also often enjoys the simple pleasure of a hamburger and fries. It's perhaps today our most common and ready expression of meat and potatoes for dinner. Or lunch. Or a hearty snack. Or just because you're out with friends. Or just whenever you're hungry and especially when you just don't want to cook for yourself.

Hm. Can you taste it now?! It's okay. I'll still be here. Run get one and come back.

The expression meat and potatoes is also metaphorical for basics. Yes, fine dining is occasionally nice, but if we have it every day we eventually come back to just wanting the basics. Something quick and satisfying. Easy. Not complicated. Thoroughly enjoyable. Forget the fancy dining creations labeled pomme frites and something unintelligible drizzled with something I'm not sure is either edible or might poison me. Burger and fries. Please.

What is your daily spiritual meat and potatoes? What kind of cereal or breakfast protein bar do you down in your spirit to get your day started off right?  What's your sacred bacon and eggs to get you going and carry you almost half way into the day? We've all heard it: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I think so. I run out of steam pretty quick and the rest of the morning and day is off kilter if I don't get a proper breakfast. How about you?

My wife and I started something from the first days of our marriage: Breakfast together. Yep, actual sitting down at the table together to eat. We worked at the same not-for-profit, drove together in our only car, took lunch together as often as we could, and drove home together, too. Despite all that togetherness all day long, we started the day together, too. Over breakfast. Meat and potatoes. Nothing fancy. Just the regular stuff of daily routine.

It's pretty humourous in my my mind's eye: Two young adults blearily staring at our corn flakes and drinking our coffee. Neither of us are morning people, thank the Lord. (Surely having one morning person married to a non-morning person is something like being "unequally yoked?" I'm sure of it. But, I digress....) Despite the utter lack of conversation most days, it started the day off right for us. Without it we were disjointed. And even after 27+ years, we're still at it.

There is something we do even before that often non-verbal face to face stuffing of the face: Coffee and the Word. I get up, go to the bathroom (yes, my older friends, this is "reality writing" here, start my coffee to brewing, let the dog out and - while he's having his morning lav in the back yard, put out his breakfast. Then I go back and retrieve my precious black brew and sit down with it and open my bible app on my phone. I've been following for over a year a "read through the bible in a year" plan. Obviously some days I miss it, and when I do, I really miss it. Some days I read two sets of readings to try and catch up. But I neither browbeat myself over it nor succumb to any well intentioned or malicious condemnation. Dogged persistence is a better description for me.

I read on my phone because I like poking and reading the Hebrew and Greek (etc.) original languages for deeper understanding of what it's saying. The meat and potatoes there are rich. Delicious. Enticing. Satisfying.

Sometimes sermons come out of them, though often not. It's simply my self-feeding dietary practice in the supernal realm of spirit, mind, Word and Spirit.

What's your daily meat and potatoes? How do you ingest the Word daily? And why is this important enough to blog about it?

You won't survive long without learning to feed yourself. It's instinctual, too. And I believe that instinct is in our spiritual DNA as well. Are you feeding yourself? Is it rich meat and potatoes, or only pablum? Prepackaged express breakfast bars of Our Daily Bread or something else? No disrespect to them. They're good. There are some similar I consult from time to time. But they're not the best. Nothing like carving your own steak or sinking your teeth into a juicy burger.

You eat every day, yes? More than once a day, too, I'll bet. Do you spiritually dine daily, too?

If not, start today addressing your spiritual malnourishment. Download a Bible app and load one of the many free daily reading plans. If you're not so digitally inclined (despite reading this) for your Bible reading, try one of these print-it-yourself plans. Pick up a printed one in our foyer or off the info rack in your local church. Or get one emailed to you daily.

You will go away full so you won't be among those the writer of Hebrews 5:12 chastises for their self-malnourishment. Rather, grow and honour the Lord! You will be blessed as you do so. Happy spiritual dining!