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Extra thoughts on current series and events.

A Foreshadowing Sacrifice


In our series DAD Almighty I shared in quick succession this past Sunday 15 ways Abraham and Isaac's journey to Mt. Moriah foreshadow the Father God and Jesus' journey in the Passion. For those who aren't speed-writers, I'm sharing here the ways each echoes the other. These are quite commonly referred to and recognized widely, but for many, these foreshadowings may be new:


  1. The miraculous birth: Isaac to a 90 year old woman & Jesus to a Virgin
  2. A three day journey of agony: Abraham and Isaac's 3 day journey to Mt. Moriah, and Jesus' 3 nights in the grave.
  3. Faith in the resurrection: It is apparent that Abraham believed God would raise Isaac from the dead to fulfill His other promises to be fulfilled through Isaac's offspring (Genesis 22:5), and Jesus' resurrection as both foretold and fulfilled.
  4. The Father leads the Son up the mount to the altar
  5. The wood for the sacrifice is laid upon the son: Genesis 22:6; John 19:17
  6. The Father and the Son going to sacrifice together: John 10:18
  7. The Son told he is the sacrifice: Luke 2:49
  8. The same geographic location - Mount Moriah: 2 Chronicles3:1
  9. The Son willing to be sacrificed: John 10:18
  10. Both Isaac and Jesus bound: Genesis 22:9; Matthew 27:2
  11. The Father raises the blade to the Son: Genesis 22:10; Zechariah 13:7
  12. The Father offering their only Son: Genesis 22:2, 12; Romans 8:32
  13. The Son trusts the Father: Genesis 7-9; Luke 23:46
  14. Both Sons delivered on the third day: Genesis 22:4; Acts 10:40
  15. The Father rejoices in the Triumph: Genesis 22:14; Isaiah 53:10 & John 8:56

Once we really do the work of comparing these, the coincidences are extraordinary. So much so, in fact, that the similarities cannot be just coincidence, but are in fact by design. "God chose a man of extraordinary character to demonstrate His own extraordinary character."  (click to Tweet!)

No other man (or woman) is asked to personally sacrifice their child as a burnt offering by the God of the Bible in all of history. This was a "one off," a single event. And it was instigated by God, not by Abraham. God did it for a reason...and that reason was for you and me: To show us through all the rest of human history and the Biblical record what lengths to which He alone will go to redeem us from our self induced state of spiritual death.

DAD Almighty is a redeeming God. Loving. Patient. Kind. Self-sacrificing.

My prayer for you is that you will (re-)discover Him as He is anew and afresh!