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No, You Didn't Miss It...Not Completely!


Extra thoughts on current series and events.

No, You Didn't Miss It...Not Completely!

Pastor Charles

Are you like me and you just hate to miss the opening minutes of a movie or show? There's that feeling of stepping into the middle of something and not quite knowing what's going on, your brain scrambling to figure out what you missed, and perhaps the social pressure of DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS during the movie?! Would you rather opt out of the whole thing because you missed those first few minutes?

Wednesday evening, March 2, we started the new video & small group Bible study with David Platt called FOLLOW ME.  Oops? Did you mean to catch the beginning, but "life" interrupted and you missed it? Rejoice! You can watch the first episode online here to catch up.

Then join us this Wednesday PM, March 9 @ 7 pm for the second installment!


"That video yesterday was very powerful. I feel this is something that you might consider showing on a Sunday morning." ~ J.M.

Yes, it really is that good. So go, run, click and watch episode one, and join us for episode 2 on March 9. See you there!