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Extra thoughts on current series and events.

Throw A Pair of Socks At Your Pastor

Pastor Charles

Pastor Frank, a good friend to both me and our congregation, put me onto this article. It's about the role of your pastor, his 'study,' and the benefits we each gain corporately in this body life together. Here's a preview of Megan Hill's thoughts:

My husband and I have a running joke. When the milk puddles on the kitchen floor, or the laundry baskets explode in the family room, or the kids start leaping from the light fixtures, he eyes the door and calmly says: “Well, I’m just going to go to my office to pray and study the Bible now.” 

Typically, I respond by throwing a pair of just-matched socks at him. 

Like many Christians, I’d dearly love more opportunities to pray and study. I’d love to read more commentaries, listen to more sermons and lectures, fill the gaps in my knowledge of church history and systematic theology. 

Curious where she goes with this? Read the rest of the article here. Be blessed and, remember, I and my study are here for you.


Pastor Charles

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