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Current Sunday Sermon Series

The Church is frequently accused of being anti-rational. Pentecostals, with the living experience aspect of our walk with God through Jesus by the Spirit, also have this claim lobbed at us. Some, who for various reasons having left the Church, say that we don't have answers to the tough questions of this 21st Century life.


Our week's are all filled with your questions! Thanks for your thoughtful and thought-provoking queries. Pastor Charles is enjoying researching the Scriptures, history and more to provide Biblical and Christian-worldview answers for you. Here's what we've covered thus far:  [You can listen to these on the MEDIA page]

  • July 3 - Who did Cain marry? Did Adam and Eve have other kids? How did humanity propagate?
  • July 10 - Do we go to heaven when we die or enter into a sleep until Jesus returns? Why did god create Lucifer knowing he would turn out to become the devil?
  • July 17 - How do we respond when people say, "Well, it's all one god doesn't matter which religion your from...they all lead to god"? What are ways to reach out to those who self-identify in alternative orientations...especially in this day and age when people see Christians as judgmental?
  • July 25 - Are righteousness and holiness the same and interchangeable, or are they distinct? What does seeking these in the 21st Century look like? How do we know what are moral or Biblical absolutes versus social and cultural norms? How do we define a good Christian perspective on social and cultural norms? 
  • July 31 - If God created man for his pleasure and primarily to worship him, what does that say about God? Why does he need anyone to worship him? What was the purpose for building altars and offering sacrifices in Genesis even before the law?

In the coming weeks we'll look at the following:

  • August 7 - Why did Abraham have slaves? Why did they have slaves in the Old and New Testaments? Why did God command the Israelite to exterminate even women and children in Canaan? How should Christians respond to unjust governments today?
  • Did the Roman Catholic church attempt to alter the Bible in any way during the Middle Ages? How did true Christianity survive during the Middle Ages? Why are there so many denominations in Christianity? Did Jesus commit suicide when he gave up his life?
  • Why do you consider speaking in tongues the primary manifestation of the infilling of the Holy Spirit? Does speaking in tongues mean heavenly tongues or earthly? How do I know if I'm baptized in the Holy Spirit?
  • In Matthew 24 Jesus says that this generation will not pass away until all the things have happened that he spoke of. How are we to make sense and understand what he means? In the Old Testament it says fallen angels slept with the daughters of men. Does this still occur and if so will the antichrist be born this way?

Join us for any Sunday in this thought-provoking and question-answering series!



Sunday Service begins at 10:30a.m.

Children and Junior Church available


We take the Bible as its all-sufficient source of faith and practice, and subscribe to the historic creeds of the universal Church. In common with historical, evangelical Christianity, we emphasize Christ as Saviour and coming King. We also present Christ as Healer and the Pentecostal position that His promised baptism in the Holy Spirit is needed for full Spirit-empowered life today.